Travel Assistance


Life changes in many ways when you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. It is important to remember that you are not alone during this time.


Costs associated with transportation to and from treatment can be overwhelming for those diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Connection is here to help by providing information, support, resources, and limited financial grants towards the cost of expenses related to cancer care services outside your Southeast community.


The Lynne Wunsch Memorial Travel Fund was initially funded in 2002 with seed money from Coastal Helicopters, and continues today with support from Coastal’s annual helicopter rides over the Juneau Icefield. Individual donations are also designated for Cancer Connection’s travel assistance program.


Applying for travel assistance from Cancer Connection is easy. You or your loved one and their physician need only to complete the Travel Assistance Patient Data Form (download at the top right corner of this section) and fax it to our administrator at 907-463-2616. The administrator will send a confirmation letter regarding the program guidelines and the documentation necessary to reimburse you once travel has been completed.


Our travel grants cover up to $750 each year for cancer care travel related expenses such as airfare, hotel or apt costs, taxis, transit, shuttles and on an individual basis, rental cars.


You are never required to divulge information regarding your income.


Please review the Travel Assistance Program Policy, also located in the upper right corner of this section.


*Note: Prior year receipts must be received by 3/31 of the current year in order to be considered for reimbursement


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